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Feb 2, 2013 11:30pm PST
. >>> in san francisco, the city takes precautions against necessity game-related violence. >> i'm ken pritchett. >> i'm heather holmes and ken wayne is in new orleans. >> the 49ers were busy in new orleans. family and friends surrounded the players aste took to the followed for one final walk through before they balloted the baltimore ravens for the lombardi trophy. we have team coverage of the big match-up covered by latest on the players, including myrick ibaÑez and san francisco steps for the preventing of any game-related velocity. >> reporter: there is a lot of excitement in new orleans. we have these big footballs that are scattered all over the city and as you look around, you can see there is still a lot of active here. there are some here who are bit queasy in the big easy, because they don't have a super bowl ticket, but there is still a lot of excitement, because tomorrow is the big day. what do you do on super bowl eve? you go shopping. >> before we just wanted to have fun and enjoy new orleans, but tomorrow it's about the game. >> reporter: new orleans is decked out w
Feb 3, 2013 11:30pm PST
& e took responsibility for the first outage then a city installed switch failed causing the second outage. a massive effort then ensued to fix the power problems. >>> san francisco police remain at the ready tonight for whatever postgame action may still develop. deborah villalon has been in the city's mission district all night where debra it's been relatively calm out there, right. >> reporter: stragglers are headed home. that's what caused triple number of officers all ready for the super brawl that didn't happen. these are some of the final moments of the game inside napper candy's irish pub. all the faces show the frustration, disbelief and it looks like coach harbaugh was there at the end. the second half for relics had everyone thinking come back but it didn't happen. they were met by uniformed officers lining the streets for the end of the game. ready to stop vandalism, bomb fires, the type of problems that erupted before the world series. with many streets closed to cruising, we've seen more cops and garbage trucks than a crowd. >> it's sad that the niners lost. i was root
Feb 1, 2013 11:30pm PST
francisco's ban on public nudity and it sparked a lunchtime protest outside of city hall. >> why are we wasting city resources on nude guys? >> a small group of men or women either partially or fully feud faced off against police officers. personalities include $190 fine with jail possible for repeated violations. >> we're hoping that people mature enough, they understand that this is a balance between their individual rights and everybody elses concerns. >> four people were sited at today's protest as for what's next, nudists say they hope to take their complaint to the ninth circuit court of appeals. >>> 49ers fever is gearing up. >>> getting the party started early. >> niners are going to win this. >> we'll tell you what it takes to prepare for a super bowl crowd. >>> new at 10:00, here's an important tip when you're going to be watching the super bowl. make sure you designate a sober driver before the kick off. deborah villalon is live with the dui blitz that has already begun. >> reporter: we're at a checkpoint, super bowl version. officers around the area are doing it tonight and
Feb 1, 2013 1:00pm PST
kicked them off. >> all you drug dealers are staying off this property. >> what is the city doing to curtail this? >> we are supposed to get ten more police officers in this area. >> do you ever fear for your safety? >> i'm always concerned. that's why i have the video. >> don't fwhauk here again or you're going to jail. >> everybody thinks the woman deserved to be tased. >> would you handle this situation the same way? >> oh, she was hitting me. so, yeah, i would tase them. i may have been wrong when i cam back into the mall and was kind of re-estimated the situation. >> what happened to these women? >> the woman that got tased, four misdemeanors, the one that didn't, two misdemeanors. >> what was going through your minds when the kids started doing what the grown-ups were doing in that video? >> that's my daddy! >> they were kids. all i wanted them to do, come get your children. >> get your children. >> do you think that people are watching this video, not because you tased the woman, but because lots of communities are experiencing what you're going through? >> no. i think they
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4